80cc 2-Stroke Cycle Motorized Bike Black Body Engine Motor Kit

80cc 2-Stroke Cycle Motorized Bike Black Body Engine Motor Kit


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80cc 2-Stroke Cycle Motorized Bike Black Body Engine Motor Kit


Low noise,low vibration,can get speed up to 38KM/H
Kick start,no battery required to start up
Carburetor included for better engine performance
With rubber hose to connect fuel tank and carburetor

Material: heavy duty metal
Color: like the picture show
Engine color: Black
Quantity: 1 kit
Engine Type: Single cylinder,Air-cooling,2-stroke gasoline engine
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2L
Transmission Ratio: 18:1
Compression Ratio: 6:1
Lubrication Oil: 2-stroke machine oil(or 10W/40,10W/30 machine oil)
Mixing Ratio of Fuel and Engine Oil: 16:1 for new sets,20:1 after running 500KM
Fuel Consumption: 4L/100km
Fuel Type: 90#
Clutch Type: Rub bloc drying
Maximum Speed: 38km/h
Maximum Power: 2.2kW/600r/min(5-6HP/6000r/min)
CDI ignition, Sprocket Shifting
Spark Plug: Z4C 14mm
Fits: 24″ and up Mountain bikes,Road bikes,cruisers,choppers with V-frame

The bicycle is not included.
Please check carefully if your bike is with enough room to install these motor kit.
Thank you for your understanding.

Instructions dowload link, please click into here.

Package Included:

1 X 80cc 2-stroke engine 1 X Back teardrop gas tank(2L) 1 X Carburetor
1 X CDI ignition assembly 1 X Throttle cable 1 X Throttle handlebar set
1 X Standard bike chain 2 X 9-hole clamp pads 1 X Petcock valve
1 X Chain cover 1 X Hrome Muffler 1 X 44T zinc plated chain sprocket
1 X Drive Chain idler 1 X Push Clutch lever 1 X Apark plug

Necessary mounting brackets, gaskets, hardware included


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